TFC Looking towards November

TFC Looking towards November

TFC looks to move on through to November, they are back in playoff contention and battling for the eastern conference championship against Atlanta United to book a trip to the final on November 10th.

The Eastern Final puts the 2017 and 2018 MLS champions head to head. The remaining teams in the Western conference are the LAFC facing Seattle Sounders.

TFC has been able to improve their season halfway through the later part of it with some questionable games that should have been won but very much reminiscent of the 2017 cup run.

The fourth place standing which could have been better came from tied games, games that should have been won, the factor still is from a very weak defending strategy and not enough depth in the back field, however a collective performance and the energy currently running through the team should make up for the limitations in the back. 

The Reds are playing some good football lately and can go head to head with any team right now. If Toronto manages to go through into November it can possibly face the Sounders in the final which will be the 3rd time around in 4 years and if it is against the LAFC it will be a delight to see the likes of a hot performing Carlos Vela who currently holds the most goals in a season for the MLS with 34 goals earning him the golden boot.