24 teams prepare for France

24 teams prepare for France

The new Zealand Ferns were the last team to complete the guest list for 2019’s Women’s World Cup, FIFA’s most important women’s competition, decided

back on December 1st. A group stage draw defined the 6 groups that distributed the 24 teams to compete in France this summer. The group stage

is the final piece of the puzzle for teams and their coaches to concentrate on their preparations heading into the tournament; they will move on from regional championship qualification preparations to a world cup mentality and are expected to make tactic adjustments as well as define their play according to the teams they may face in France.

The draw took place on December 8th following the final match of the OFC Nations Cup where New Zealand defeated Fiji 8-0 to complete the landscape for France’s matchup lineup, which will begin with the host nation France vs South Korea on Friday, June 7th.

Jamaica, Chile, South Africa and Scotland will be participating in their first World Cup with Argentina making a comeback since their last appearance in 2007. On the other hand, the USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Nigeria, Norway and Brazil will be making their 8th consecutive participations.

Presencia Latina English Corner Sports review will have a comprehensive report and analysis of each team and the Women’s World Cup competition closer to its debut during June’s edition.