The North Triumphs

The North Triumphs

“Basketball has come home” as proclaimed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver just before the start of the NBA Finals kicking off in Toronto on May 30th. The Toronto Raptors made history and claimed the highly coveted Larry O’Brien championship trophy by beating the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in the 6th game of the NBA finals at Oracle Arena. The Raptors would take the title by winning the series 4-2. This will be the first championship in the 24 year history of the Raptors franchise, the first championship outside of the United States and will deny the Warriors the three-peat.

The last few seconds of the 6th game seemed to be some of the longest and most confusing action denying the Raptors a celebratory moment. After Curry’s missed three pointer Kawhi emerged with the ball with Draymond Green and Cook trying to overtake him tumbling to the ground. Cook then called for a timeout which GS never had as they had run out which means a technical had to be given. This is where the .09 seconds turned into almost 2 minutes after replay, after replay to get Kawhi onto the the foul line and run the game down.

Now that all the celebrating has concluded, the parade ticker tape has been swept off the streets and We The North Flags are safely put away till next season the one big question lingering in the minds of fans, will HE stay or will HE Leave? Will Kawhi Leonard re-sign for next season or stay a free agent and sign somewhere with a team in California? Whatever that decision is and if he stays or not the Raptors have achieved some great shinny hardware and showed that a team with not so many super stars pulled together and won collectively with heart and grit. That the underdogs and the ones that were written off by many in the sports world who also claimed that they would be swept not only in the finals but also in the eastern conference championship would prove them wrong and the fans new it all along, the belief in the North was strong. Enjoy it Canada!